Hey, we discovered something crazy in our design research: the secret to happiness. Thought we’d share :)

There are 4 Happy Hormones that we experience in life:

  • Dopamine - when you earn a reward

  • Serotonin - when you feel valued

  • Endorphins - when you burn energy

  • Oxytocin - when you feel physically close with loved ones

Ever wonder why video calls aren’t as satisfying as ‘real life’ interactions? It’s because video calls are 2D: they sacrifice all of the happy hormones except serotonin.

At Tangible, we are creating the first communication medium that incorporates all 4 Happy Hormones - say goodbye to video calls, and hello to a real sense of connection.

But speaking of videos, peep our new trailer.


Akshay + Team Tangible

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Hi fellow Teleporter!

It’s #TangibleTuesday, and we’re fizzed to share our first weekly update with you (thanks for joining our beta-testing waitlist!). We hope you enjoy these notes as a ‘peek’ inside our Teleportation Studio as we zoom zoom towards making your Teleportation Kits a reality!

SFWeekly Feature //

You may have recently seen our SFWeekly feature - Tangible Sends Good Vibes, Virtual Hugs. We hope it gets you super excited about what we’re creating here at Tangible.

“We are not trying to recreate reality… at Tangible, we see ourselves as a ‘joyfully immersive way’ to feel present over distance, triggering the same oxytocin-rich delight you get from hugging your loved ones in person.” ~ Akshay, Founder & Designer

If you enjoyed our feature in SFWeekly, please follow our Instagram @Tangible.Official for more updates! We'll be hanging out with the Club Tangible community while also responding to any curious emails we receive from you - please don't be strangers! Hugs ~

Akshay + Team Tangible

p.s. for the super-readers...we're hiding an Easter Egg in every email, including this one!