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(Chapter 2) The Secret to Happiness

Hey, we discovered something crazy in our design research: the secret to happiness. Thought we’d share :)

There are 4 Happy Hormones that we experience in life:

  • Dopamine - when you earn a reward

  • Serotonin - when you feel valued

  • Endorphins - when you burn energy

  • Oxytocin - when you feel physically close with loved ones

Ever wonder why video calls aren’t as satisfying as ‘real life’ interactions? It’s because video calls are 2D: they sacrifice all of the happy hormones except serotonin.

At Tangible, we are creating the first communication medium that incorporates all 4 Happy Hormones - say goodbye to video calls, and hello to a real sense of connection.

But speaking of videos, peep our new trailer.


Akshay + Team Tangible


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