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 Distance is painful. 
Fill the gap with  TANGIBLE
 Bring the closeness of physical touch to your relationship, even when miles apart. 

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 TANGIBLE is a magical pillow + app that lets you share physical touch & feel cozy together over distance.


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How It Works
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How It Works
Tangible wraps around you like a real-life hug, and has the comforting gravity of a weighted blanket. - 2022-12-23T152412.523.gif
Share hugs
Squeeze Tangible to share comforting, immersive hugs over distance. Use the app to design your own unique hug sensations!
Share warmth
Tangible fills with warmth whenever you send or receive a hug – an immersive heat pad located behind the neck keeps you cozy. - 2022-12-23T152536.018.gif - 2022-12-23T152649.860.gif
Share touch
Multiple touch sensors spread throughout the pillow create comforting, delightfully immersive touch sensations.
Tangible App
Pair Tangible with the Tangible App to share physical touch in video calls, and enjoy new ways to feel cozy over distance.
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Draw doodles & feel them come to life.
Based on where you draw, your loved one will feel a smooth, relaxing vibration move throughout their Tangible – giving them a massage!
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Artboard 59.png
Turn on the fireplace.
Tap the fireplace to activate Tangible's heat pad, and share a warm & cozy ambiance together.
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A magical shared space, connected 24/7.
Discover thoughtful features that let you feel
cozy & present over any distance.
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Send hearts & pop bubbles – all of which come to life through touch.
Record & share touch messages, even when you're not on a video call.
Double-tap the screen to nudge your loved one with a gentle vibration.
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Artboard 36.png
When Knot In Use
Simply connect the ends of the pillow to transform Tangible into a huggable knot pillow for your bed or couch. (61).gif
Inside the Pillow
We've taken great care to invisibly integrate Tangible's electronics so that you can enjoy their magical functionality, without even noticing they're there. (98).gif
Artboard 2 copy 26.png
Why Tangible?
Distance takes away our ability to enjoy the meaningful everyday interactions that make being in-person so magical – the warm embrace, the touch on the shoulder, the playful poke, the gentle arm squeeze.

Physical touch makes communication simpler, and gives us the power to soothe and support. We lose these abilities when we're miles apart.

Tangible recaptures this lost magic and brings it back to your relationship, in a delightfully cozy way that adds new dimensions to how you share love over distance.
Our Design Journey
We're a small founding team tackling an extremely challenging design problem: how to feel present over distance.
See how far we've come:
Our three co-founders (Akshay, Katie, & Paul) came together in 2021, with the goal of creating a magical solution that could fill the gap of distance.

After building & testing 50 different concepts with over 200 long-distance couples, we successfully launched Tangible on Kickstarter, and were featured as a "Project We Love."

We've already witnessed countless magical moments of Tangible users enjoying a new dimension of presence over distance.

Now, we're excited to share Tangible with the world, and continue making our solution as fulfilling as it can be.
Product Reviews

"Long-distance makes me feel like our relationship is on pause, and Tangible is a way for me to press 'play' again. "

- Juliet H., 23

✔ Verified Purchase

"Tangible adds a different dimension of communication of feeling that is extremely limited through FaceTime."

- Dean J., 27

✔ Verified Purchase

"Tangible is a huge leap forward for long distance relationships. Touch bracelets & stuffed animals have helped me feel connected, but Tangible goes beyond and actually lets me feel present. "

- Diana P., 27

✔ Verified Purchase

"My partner is in med school, so long-distance has been really tough. Tangible has helped our relationship feel magical, despite the distance."

- Beth B., 28

✔ Verified Purchase
Additional Details
88" length (2 lbs), custom-molded out of luxurious Snugglefoam™
Artboard 53.png
Instant, automagical Bluetooth pairing
Artboard 54 copy 3.png
Each order includes two Tangible pillows, which can be shipped together or separately.
Wrapped in a luxe, double-brushed jersey knit – ultra-soft & hypoallergenic
Artboard 54.png
Easily charged via USB, 1-week battery life
Artboard 54 copy 2.png
Tangible combines warmth & immersive touch to create delightful sensations
Artboard 54 copy.png
App is available on both Android & iOS
  • How many Tangible pillows are included?
    2 – One pillow for you, and one pillow for a loved one!
  • Can we ship to two different addresses?
    Yes! We can ship pillows together (one address) or separately (two addresses). Free worldwide shipping to most countries.
  • Do you support both iOS & Android?
    Yes! Our app is available for both platforms.
  • Does Tangible work over any distance?
    Yes, as long as there is a cellular signal or Wi-Fi connection.
  • What do the touch sensations feel like?
    Tangible uses a combination of warmth, compression (the pillow is weighted), and soothing vibrations to create comforting, immersive sensations throughout your upper body – thoughtfully designed to elicit the same oxytocin (the "love hormone") response that real-life hugs generate. Tangible can also recreate specific, delightful feelings – like the sensation of popcorn popping, or a relaxing massage.
Taking 'the distance' out of long-distance.
Compelled by painful personal experiences of distance separation, we founded Tangible to help anyone who is craving the physical coziness and magical spontaneity of being in-person with a special loved one in their life.
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