Teleport your touch
to far-away loved ones.

Share hugs, give massages, & feel physically present over distance with Tangible.



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Tangible uses clever vibrations & gentle squeezes to create hugs, massages, and other amazing sensations.

2 Tangibles Included – one for you, one for your loved one. (18).gif
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 Pair your Tangible with a phone or tablet to enjoy Teleportation Calls!

Easy, instant Bluetooth pairing.

Phenomenal video quality & reliability.


Hold down the hearts button to send a Tangible Hug! The longer you hold, the stronger the squeeze.


Send cute Doodles and feel the drawings come to life as personalized massages!

Pop Bubbles to feel emojis come to life through touch!

Record Hugs & Doodles, for loved ones to enjoy at a later time!

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“Ohmygosh, this is MAGICAL! This is so, so fun. It feels like a cat purring on my shoulders!”​


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“I like that the app is so simple. I'll be using this with Grandma, and could easily see her figuring this out on her own.” 


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“I'm not looking for another way to communicate in words, I just want to feel my Mom's presence.”​


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“My partner lives in a shared house, and so he can't always talk out loud. This lets us communicate silently and physically feel each other's presence. It solves a HUGE issue!”​


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Get your Tangible 2-pack today.

Love what we're building? If so, we'd love to take you for a Tangible test-drive & hear your ideas!

Thanks! We'll be in touch.

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We make hugs for a living.


We're a team of designers on a mission to take the distance out of long-distance relationships.


We want to make it possible to spend quality cozy time & have a meaningful presence in your loved one's life, regardless of the miles in-between.