Our Teleportation Kit lets you hug & hold a loved one across the world.

Missing the presence of a far-away someone?
We created a magical garment.
It uses clever vibrations to create delightfully comforting, oxytocin-rich sensations of touch – from a hug to a hummingbird flutter.
A joyfully immersive level of connectedness.
Escape the limitations of video calling – we let you "reach out and hold a loved one" through augmented reality.
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Our Teleportation Kit (U.S. Patent Pending) is a 2-pack of magic garments, shipped independently to you & a loved one of your choice.

Pair with your phone/tablet, and instantly feel their far-away presence.
We've launched for beta-testing, and are looking for distance-separated families & couples! Claim your exclusive beta-testing spot. We'll be in touch.
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Tangible Teleportation Kit?

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