Our Teleportation Kit fills the gap between video calls and real life, letting you hug & hold a loved one across the world.

Missing the presence of a far-away someone?
It looks like a neck pillow, feels like a weighted blanket, and works like a haptic vest. Tangible uses unique vibration patterns to trick your brain into feeling delightful sensations of touch – from a hug to a hummingbird flutter.
An enhanced level of connectedness that ordinary video calls can't compare to – our Tangible App lets you feel the authentic physical presence of a loved one in realtime.
How it works:

Our Teleportation Kit (U.S. Patent Pending) is a pack of 2 Tangibles, shipped independently to you & a loved one of your choice.
Pair Tangible with your smartphone or tablet, and use our companion app to communicate & make memories in a magically new dimension.
Haptic Technology 
Engineered at
Stanford University
Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 
Wireless Connection
We're looking for individuals who would love to join Club Tangible, our exclusive group of beta-testers!
Curious to learn more, or join our journey?

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