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Hug & hold your far-away loved ones through a joyfully immersive call.

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Instantly enjoy "family time on the couch" over any distance through our immersive reality Teleportation Call.

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Real life is filled with magical moments.

...your dog jumping onto your lap, wrestling over a favorite pillow with your siblings, and cozying up on the sofa under a family-sized blanket.

Our Teleportation Call brings this precious off-screen magic back into long-distance communication.


Using hand gestures and magic spell-like interactions, we translate your movements into playful & comforting sensations, bringing you physically closer to loved ones.

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Our Telepillow uses clever vibrations to create delightfully immersive sensations across your upper body – from a hug to a hummingbird flutter. (15).gif
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We believe that feeling & caring is what makes us human.


We're a team of Stanford University designers & engineers on a mission to bring the world closer – in a way that augments all the best parts of being human.

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