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Physically hug your far-away loved ones through a Teleportation Call

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These aren't ordinary hugs.

Use gestures & doodles in a Teleportation Call to magically send thousands of uniquely immersive hugs to your loved ones over distance.


Every hug you design is instantly brought to life through comforting physical sensations felt by your loved one.

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Our Telepillow uses clever vibrations to create delightfully immersive sensations across your upper body – from a hug to a hummingbird flutter. (15).gif
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“Ohmygosh, this is MAGICAL! This is so, so fun. It feels like a cat purring on my shoulders!”​


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“I like that the app is so simple. I'll be using this with Grandma, and could easily see her figuring this out on her own.” 


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“I'm not looking for another way to communicate in words, I just want to feel my Mom's presence.”​


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“My partner lives in a shared house, and so he can't always talk out loud. This lets us communicate silently and physically feel each other's presence. It solves a HUGE issue. I wish I had this!”​


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We're a team of designers from Stanford University and beyond, on a mission to bring the world closer – in a way that augments all the best parts of being human.