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Physically hug & play with far-away loved ones through a Teleportation Call.

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Replace stale, frustratingly 2D video calls with a fresh, magical experience of physical connection & fulfilling presence. 

Feature Highlight:

Use gestures in a Teleportation Call to instantly share unique Tangible Hugs  feels like a delightful mini-massage!

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Our weighted Telepillow uses clever vibrations to create delightfully immersive sensations across your upper body – from bursting popcorn to a hummingbird flutter! (15).gif
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“Ohmygosh, this is MAGICAL! This is so, so fun. It feels like a cat purring on my shoulders!”​


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“I like that the app is so simple. I'll be using this with Grandma, and could easily see her figuring this out on her own.” 


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“I'm not looking for another way to communicate in words, I just want to feel my Mom's presence.”​


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“My partner lives in a shared house, and so he can't always talk out loud. This lets us communicate silently and physically feel each other's presence. It solves a HUGE issue. I wish I had this!”​


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We make hugs for a living.


We're a team of designers on a mission to take the distance out of long-distance relationships.


We want to make it possible to spend quality cozy time & have a meaningful presence in your loved one's life, regardless of the miles in-between.