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Tangible (2-Pack) - Includes 2 Pillows

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Tangible (2-Pack) - Includes 2 Pillows

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$250.00Sale Price
  • Each order includes two Tangible pillows. 

    • Share hugs, warmth, & touch over distance

    • App is available for both Android & iOS 

    • Each pillow is 88” long, and weighs 2 lbs

    • Includes USB-C charging equipment for each pillow

  • FREE worldwide shipping. Pillows can be shipped together (to one address) or separately (to two addresses). US orders arrive in 1-5 days via UPS. International orders arrive in 2-3 weeks via USPS.

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Features &


Share Hugs

Squeeze Tangible to share comforting, immersive hugs over distance. By controlling the length, strength, and pattern of your squeezes, you can share unique hugs.

Share Warmth

Tangible fills with warmth whenever you send or receive a hug – an immersive heat pad located behind the neck keeps you cozy.

Share Touch

Multiple touch sensors spread throughout the pillow create comforting, delightfully immersive touch sensations.

Tangible App

Pair Tangible with the Tangible App to share physical touch in video calls, and enjoy new ways to feel cozy over distance.

Draw doodles & feel them come to life

Based on where you draw, your loved one will feel a smooth, relaxing vibration move throughout their Tangible.

Send hearts & pop bubbles

Interactive emojis come to life through touch, bringing a new dimension to your video calls.

Turn on the fireplace

Tap the fireplace to activate Tangible's heat pad, and share a warm & cozy ambiance together.

Tangible Moments

Record & share touch messages, even when you're not on a video call.

Double-tap to nudge

Double-tap the screen to nudge your loved one with a gentle vibration.

When Knot In Use

Simply connect the ends of the pillow to transform Tangible into a huggable knot pillow for your bed or couch.

Tech Specs


  • Double-brushed jersey knit

  • Ultra-soft and hypoallergenic

  • Custom-molded out of luxurious Snugglefoam™

Weight & Dimensions

  • Length: 88" 

  • Width: 4"

  • Thickness: 2.5"

  • Weight: Approx 2 lbs


  • Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Automatic firmware updates via Tangible App

  • Safe for both carry-on & check-in on airplanes

Battery & Power

  • Up to 7 days of battery life

  • Full charge in 90 minutes

Our Values

Tangib​le is hand-assembled in the US. We believe in paying our seamstresses & manufacturing team a living wage. 

In addition, we want our pillows to last for a long time – so we've invested in high quality fabric & electronic components.