Distance is painful.
Fill the gap with  TANGIBLE
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 TANGIBLE is a magical pillow that lets you share warm, embracing hugs over distance.
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Feel the warmth of your loved one's touch.

Tangible fills with warmth whenever you receive a hug, creating a heartwarming sense of presence over distance.
How It Works
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Squeeze to share unique hugs over distance.

Tangible records the length and strength of your squeezes, and sends unique hugs to your loved one.
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Immersive sensors create gentle squeezes and relaxing vibrations.

Oxytocin-rich sensations catalyze an immediate boost in happiness & the feeling of being loved.
Teleportation Calls
Physically interact like you're in the same room.

Experience new ways to share physical touch, spatially interact, and feel cozy over distance.
Link as many loved ones as you'd like.

Tangible linking requests are easily sent to loved ones via email or SMS. 
Pair your Tangible with a phone or tablet to enjoy immersive Teleportation Calls!
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Draw doodles and feel them come to life.

Your loved ones will feel a relaxing, massage-like vibration that travels around the pillow, based on where you're drawing!
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When Knot In Use
Simply connect the magnetic ends of the pillow to transform Tangible into a huggable knot pillow for your bed or couch.
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Choose Your Size
Both pillows contain the same tech, but the full-size Tangible provides more hug contact & Tangible Mini is more travel-friendly.
Maximum hug factor.
Tangible Mini
Compact & cozy.

"Long-distance makes me feel like our relationship is on pause, and Tangible is a way for me to press 'play' again. "

- Juliet, 23
Why Tangible?
 We developed Tangible for those who know the pain of long-distance, and are craving the physical coziness and magical spontaneity of being in-person with a special loved one in their life.