Join our Founding Team!
At Tangible Teleportation Co, we're inventing the world's most joyfully immersive communication medium.
Our mission is to help distance-separated families eliminate the feeling of isolation.
Say goodbye to video calls – our joyfully immersive Tangible Teleportation Kit fuses the magic of immersive haptics & augmented reality to let you hug & hold your loved ones across the world.
We exist so that these "solutions" don't have to be our reality:
We are looking for a magical individual to round out our founding team.
Our hope is that you will join us for a 2-3 month “trial period” so that you can evaluate if working with us will be a “dream job” for you. We will cover your living costs for that time period.
If these adjectives describe you...
  • Organized / Reliable
  • Focused / Diligent
  • Curious / Growth-hungry
  • Ambitious / Self-driven
  • Empathetic / Reflective
  • Communicative / Articulate
And if you have one or more of these superpowers…
  • Experience developing & deploying mobile apps. 

  • Experience with consumer electronics design / supply chain / manufacturing.

  • Experience with developing AR/VR experiences, or a passion for designing human-computer interfaces (that value humans over computers!).

  • Experience working with haptics, wearables, or consumer robotics.

  • Experience scaling a D2C consumer brand through clever, data-driven marketing.

...we hope you’ll choose to chat with us!

Reach out to and we'll be in touch. 

More about our journey:

Founded in February 2020, we are a venture-backed, seed-stage company funded by Stanford & GoogleX investors. We have been in exclusive beta since October, began accepting pre-orders on Valentine’s Day, and are publicly launching this summer. 


We are a remote-first/hybrid company with physical roots in Stanford / Bay Area (where we’ve been manufacturing our initial batches). We’re currently a core team of 5, with about a dozen advisors, fashion designers, and consultants who work closely with us.


Some companies take pride in creating a “rocketfuel” culture of late night hackathons and adrenaline. We’re instead focused on creating a sustainable culture of mindfulness, empathy-oriented design, and bottom-up motivation. We are a human-focused company.